Lucas Desgouilles

Software Developer

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Seeking an opportunity to facilitate self-growth, skill and teamwork improvement in a professional environment.


Rust, Python, Haskell, Elm, C
Linux / NixOS
deployment target, daily driver since 2014, devops using Docker/Linux Containers
Autonomous workflow
git, kanban


2016 - Now

Freelance Developer

Web development using Python, Javascript, Elm, Haskell, deployment and administration of solutions on Linux and/or cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP).
Rebuilt the backend of a yacht chartering website, providing a consistent API consumed by the new dashboard, frontend and mobile applications.
Built a website for a local pizzeria in which you could order, as well as a dashboard connected to their point of sale system.

2015 - Now

Contributor to Free Software

Author of Rust library discord_game_sdk, providing a safe and idiomatic interface to an external library with no first-party support. Offered contributions to various projects, such as specs, dodrio, PostgREST, nixpkgs.

2015 - 2016 (6 months)

Computer Programming Tutor 42 - Paris

Assisted external students with no prior experience to self-teach imperative programming and program structure with Ruby in order to realize a simple program that would trade fictitious stocks.

2014 (2 months)

Intern Web Developer dotConferences

Picked up maintenance of a job board in Python Django deployed to Heroku and tested in Docker in order to fix various issues reported by the commerce team.
Built a generator of static website content using Python. The site provided news articles for dotConference users.


2013 - 2016

Computer Programming Student 42 - Paris

Achieved highest possible grade (100% + bonuses) in implementation of POSIX-compliant shell (4 students, 1 month).