Lucas Desgouilles

Software Developer

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Seeking an opportunity to facilitate self-growth in a professional environment using Rust.


Rust, Python, Haskell, Elm, C
Linux / NixOS
deployment target, daily driver since 2014
Autonomous workflow
git, kanban


2016 - Now

Freelance Developer

Web development using Python, Javascript, Elm, Haskell. Development and deployment of solutions to help digitalization of companies from various industries (yachting, driving school, restauration). Administration of Linux servers (debian, CentOS, NixOS) and cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP).

2015 - Now

Contributor to Free Software

Contributed self-documenting feature to PostgREST, documentation to specs, package definitions to nixpkgs. Author of Rust library discord_game_sdk. Licensed most side projects with MIT, Apache-2.0 or GPLv3.0. Contributions can be found at

2015 - 2016 (6 months)

Computer Programming Tutor 42 - Paris

Assisted students from different schools to self-teach basics of imperative programming with Ruby in order to realize a small program at the end of two weeks. 3 classes: students (20-24) in Commerce, in Graphic Design, and girls (14-15) from a nearby school.

2014 (2 months)
Intern Web Developer dotConferences


2013 - 2016

Computer Programming Student 42 - Paris

Self-taught imperative programming with C, web development with PHP, object-oriented development with C++, functional programming with OCaml. Coursework includes Algorithms and Data Structures, UNIX Systems Programming. Achieved highest possible grade (100% + bonuses) in implementation of POSIX-compliant shell (4 students, 1 month).